Essential Oils for Kids: Q&A

Marjorie Russell

Marjorie Russell

I met Marjorie Russell a couple years ago and love all the work she is doing to support children’s emotional health. I asked her to share some ideas on how she supports children with essential oils. Marjorie is a Counselor, Behavior Analyst, EFT Practitioner and doTTERA Wellness Advocate.

Are Essential Oils Effective for Kids?

Bottom line. Yes, essential oils are great for kids of all ages.

They offer a wonderful natural alternative for young kids with ear aches, stuffy noses, and boo boos and for older kids they can help with stress, anxiety and focus.

They are not only empowering, and give kids an opportunity to tune into their bodies.

Why use essential oils for children?

Using essential oils with and for children is an obvious choice because they are natural and allow us to avoid introducing harmful toxins and chemicals into their bodies and brains.  With informed use, essential oils can be safely and effectively used to balance emotions, boost immunity and fight infections, support digestion (gut health so important!) and improve brain function - ALL NATURALLY!   Additionally, we are able to, first, model proactive and empowered self-care and then eventually, as children get older and more mature, encourage, guide and support their own independent empowered use for self-care.

Which oils are good for kids?

Many oils are good for children and just like us, depending on their body and brain chemistry, personal likes and dislikes and specific challenges you can - and should - experiment with different oils and let their behavior and response be your guide.  

The BIG difference between using oils with children and adults is the DILUTION rate.  Be sure to check a good source and dilute for use with children.  Also, be particularly careful of the “hot” oils.  In general, some basic “go to” oils for children include:  

Lavender - for calming, relaxing and encouraging sleep - Also, great to take advantage of it’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Use it to also for first aid,    

bug bites/itch, sunburn and to boost immunity

Wild Orange - great not just for uplifting, but actually to balance the mood.  Often, I find Wild Orange to actually be quite calming for some children.

Peppermint (not under 3) - great for digestive issues with little ones, also for clearing airways and, with dilution, awesome for fever relief  

Ylang Ylang - calming and grounding

Frankincense - I like this one for it’s general anti-bacterial properties - for skin, infections, colds AND for BRAIN HEALTH

Melaleuca  - anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to use it for cuts, scraps, burns, bug bites, and as a bug repellent.

KID’S COLLECTION- Blends children. The oils are perfectly diluted for safe and INDEPENDENT use with older children. They have the advantage of many of the oils I suggest here, but also the addition of many that we can not purchase separately and use in blends.

Which oils are good for focus and concentration?

Many of the oils I mentioned above are good for focus or concentration, but my specific favorites: Vetiver and Balance.

Vetiver - I love how this oil just “quiets the brain” - I find that this oil seems to reduce the chatter and distraction within their own heads that many of the children I work with experience, allowing them to focus and ACCESS strategies and information that is presented to them.

Balance - another great blend with wood oils in it that helps ground and “quiet” a child.  Use this one on the back of the neck and the “third eye” (forehead, between eyes).

Lavender, Wild Orange and Ylang Ylang all help with reducing anxiety, which often interferes with focus and concentration with our children.  

Peace Blend  - this blend includes some of the most relaxing and calming oils such as Lavender, Marjoram Vetiver, and Ylang Ylang essential oils. ... When used topically or aromatically, it can help promotes feelings and behaviors conducive to focus and learning: peace and calm/grounding, contentment, and reassurance.

InTune - awesome oil - I prefer this if they are a little older (6-8+) - Have been trying Thinker instead with the younger ones.

Which oils are good to uplift mood?

Citrus oils are very uplifting and are wonderful for kids.!  The best way to use them for kids is aromatically because it is the most immediate, reaching the limbic brain where we regulate moods and emotions, directly through the olfactory system.  There are many citrus oils such as Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Lime Essential Oil.

Peppermint and Wild Orange blend for children (and adults).

Stronger Blend (See Kid’s Collection)

Brave Blend (See Kid’s Collection)

How to Apply Oils.

With all of these oils, apply on pulse points behind ears, back of neck (up towards the occipital point - that soft spot between top of neck and skull), temples and on bottom of the feet, especially that BIG toe!  Always have the child inhale deeply from hands after applying (for roller bottles, roll a little on palm of hand and rub palms together, then cup over nose and inhale deeply). That aromatic usage is so fast and effective!

Also make sure to dilute the oils before applying on the skin with coconut oil or a clean lotion.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use essential oils to support your children’s physical and emotional health, please contact me at or call me at 603-380-1080 for a free consultation. Or, check out my website at

Thank you Marjorie for sharing your idea and wealth of knowledge!

More about Marjorie:

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