THIS IS ME will help you reimagine your self-care.

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Filled with inquiries, actions, gratitude and mindful exercises.

A journal for women.

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Put pen to paper and get clear and confident about your self-care.

Look at your self with a new lens to help you be more committed and confident about the choices you make to nurture and nourish yourself each day.

Be guided with thoughtful prompts to help you get clear on your self-care story.

Put the power in your pen with your THIS IS ME Journal to help you live your life with clarity and commitment.

Focus on self-love and self-care to be the best person you can be on this beautiful journey we call life.

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Small shifts to improve our health come when we do the work to understand ourselves and find those parts of our story that are so entrenched in us, that we don’t realize they are making choices for us. When we better understand ourselves, we take back control, and we get to choose.  We’re not being driven by some latent, deep hidden limiting belief or fear that locks us into habits and patterns that don’t serve us.

You can’t change what you don’t see.

THIS IS ME is inviting and inspiring! It has beautiful illustrations, writing prompts, white space, charts, and graphs to help you feel more confident and clear about your self-care.

This nearly 200-page Journal will help you:

  • Be more mindful about what you eat, how you move, and what you want your body to feel like.

  • Prioritize your key health challenges.

  • Try different lifestyle experiments and inquiries to help you “see” yourself more clearly.

  • Stop making excuses and become more accountable to yourself and more intentional about your health.

“Self-care is how you take your power back." Lalah Delia

It’s up to you to tune into your body,
be more mindful, move and nourish yourself, despite all the daily obstacles.

Illustrations by Dido Nydick.

Dido Nydick illustrates to inspire others to cultivate their own creativity. She draws upon a 25 year career in interior design, 15 years as a yoga instructor, her travels and an interactive on-line community of artists worldwide. She presently lives in Exeter, NH with her husband, two dogs and a cat. You can find more of her illustrations at

“The wisdom within these pages is incredibly timely, as Tracey recognizes self-care as a vital part of health care.” 
Kasey Matthews

THIS IS ME is packed with inspirational gems of wisdom on self-care. The journaling exercises and questions bring self-awareness and revelation! It’s a wonderful way to start your day! Keep it at the breakfast table!
— Donna Salter
Health is not defined as “the absence of disease” but rather the holistic balance of nutrition, movement, social, spiritual practice and rituals that supports my ability to thrive. I continue to learn and integrate this approach from Tracey. Her coaching, THIS IS ME journal, and role modeling have given me tools and skills to be my best self.
— Dawn Barker