Nature heals.  

I started using essential oils about 15 years ago when my friend had a sinus infection and someone introduced her to oregano oil. I now use them every day and love having healthy, natural alternatives for me and my family.

Plant-based essential oils from trees, plants, flowers, roots, and seeds have been used aromatically, topically and internally for thousands of years to heal our bodies.

I choose doTERRA essential oils because they partner with small farmers all over the world to bring us the purest essential oils without harming the environment. This Co-Impact Sourcing is a responsible method for sourcing doTERRA essential oils. This type of sourcing occurs in areas of the world that can best sustain plants for essential oils and, most importantly, can help elevate communities out of poverty. Through their Healing Hands Foundation doTERRA is building health clinics, schools, water systems, and much more.

Are you looking for natural alternatives to support your health?

If you’re interested in purchasing essential oils, click here to get wholesale prices from doTERRA, or please email me at to learn how essential oils can support you.

Essential oils help support you physically and emotionally. They are the first step in natural healing.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to be part of the natural solution revolution, email me at to learn about my team, the Wellness Warriors.


Natural Health

Be part of the natural solution revolution


We call ourselves the Wellness Warriors.

Meet some of my team.


Angela Castrigno believes that every part of our life contributes to our wellbeing. She is on a mission to support people on their wellness journey through real food, movement and natural solutions. She is a health coach, Hula Hoop Fitness Instructor and works at a wellness center.


Kathy Bachmann loves helping people feel healthier through food, movement, connection to nature and community.  She is a health coach and also works in the publishing industry. She is a mother of three and you can find her at the beach, climbing a mountain, or cooking and traveling around the world with her essential oils.


Heather Warre is a yogi, speech therapist, mom, and lover of Bengal cats.  When searching for an alternative career path, she stumbled upon the powerful effects of essential oils, fell in love with them and became a wellness advocate. Heather enjoys learning about the many benefits of these amazing plant based oils and sharing them with others.


Shantel Surles has a passion for health and wellness and all things doTERRA essential oils. She managed a Chiropractic Wellness Center and currently works for a Medical Device Company. She has a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavior and loves to help people live a healthy lifestyle.


Brienna Boisvert is the founder of Expawditions, LLC - an adventure dog walking and pet care company. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Georgia with a Minor in Equine and Horticulture. She’s highly passionate about plants and animals and believes in a holistic approach to wellness.



A percentage of all profits go to support Global Grassroots, a non-profit that empowers women in Africa to become leaders in their own communities.