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Does your super busy lifestyle make it difficult for you eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, and be more present?

I want to help you tune into your body, and elevate your self-care.
No more blame and shame. More love and more light.

Master Your Mindset:
Women’s GROUP health Coaching Program  

May 7th - May 28th (Four weeks)
Includes live coaching calls, THIS IS ME JOURNAL and tools for transformation.

Do you know what makes you thrive?

Do you struggle with your self-care and feel you don’t have time to take care of you?

Do you put other’s first and sacrifice your self-care?

Self-Care is a whole and complete way of loving yourself and taking care of your body, mind, and spirit.

It’s not something you do once once a month.

It’s not about checking boxes.

It’s about the little things you can do each day to listen, learn, and live more mindfully, graciously, and joyfully.

Do you struggle putting your health and your self first?

I will help you reimagine your health care and see it through a new lens.

Join my Master Your Mindset to help you…

Create daily rituals and routines that support your health.

Deconstruct your cravings.

Find what fuels you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Create a clear vision for how you want to feel.

Turn off the mental clutter and chaos that holds you back.

Get clear on your “self-care” story and own it.

Here’s are the tools to help you rebuild and reimagine your self-care:

  1. 4 Live Group Coaching calls on Tuesday nights at 8 pm. (60 min.)

  2. THIS IS ME Journal with self-assessments, inquiries and exercises, daily rituals, and so much more!

  3. Weekly mini-quests to help you incorporate new rituals into your daily routine.

  4. Webinars on wellness topics around sleep, digestion, immunity, movement and more.

  5. A Private Facebook Group to engage with your group.

  6. Seasonal recipes, menu planners, and other organizational tools.

Reimagine your self-care!

Your Investment: $195

Register before April 30th for only $160

Finally, a way to…

  • Be more mindful and intentional about how you nourish yourself and care for yourself each day.

  • Feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

  • Understand how food affects your energy, moods, mental clarity and more.

  • Create a clear vision for how you want to feel and fuel yourself.

  • Eat more foods that nourish you and support your gut health.

This program isn’t a short-term fix, it’s a long-term plan that you will support you the rest of your life.

“I have more energy and I’m sleeping better after this program! I’m also enjoying some weight loss. My biggest “aha” moment is realizing I can do this - I can apply the information I learned from Tracey in the long term.” Donna Ward


Includes your own THIS IS ME women’s self-care journal to help you create your new self-care story!

Private Coaching

Open Enrollment

Do you want more clarity, consciousness and courage to help you put your health first?

I’ll help you step-by-step to create habits that support your health and elevate your self care. We’ll work through tough challenges like cravings, control and consciousness.

Private coaching programs run from 3 months - 6 months.

“I am so happy I participated in this program! I am slowly, but surely, shifting my lifestyle and eating habits with Tracey’s support. It is well worth the investment on many different levels!”   Allison Gagne