A (Self) Love Story...


I love getting feedback from women who are using THIS IS ME to help them on their journey. Vicki shared what she has discovered while writing in the journal about herself…most importantly it isn’t making her feel that she needs to change, it is helping her seeing her beautiful life story and all the pieces of her life.

Here is what Vicki shared with me….

After several days of writing in my journal, it began leaving me unsettled in my current approach to my life. The journal gave me the privilege of looking at how fascinating I am, how capable I am of being this "authentic me" versus the "who I should be me.”

THIS IS ME was a daily reminder of a time in my day to sit back and embrace me.

It didn't make me feel like I needed to change rather instead I began to read a story about all the wonderful, complicated things that make up my life story making me who I am.

I was being encouraged and motivated not by anything or anyone else other than me. It was coming through me, opening my eyes to my unique qualities and power.

You could even say, I was falling in love with my story. 

 Writing in this journal unsettled my thinking enough every day to live lovingly upon myself; to accept my distractions as a beautiful part of me that simply needed a counterpart in order to gain momentum towards my goals and ambitions.  

I've changed two major parts of my life since I started my work with journaling by simply realizing “THIS IS ME,” glorious me; a beautiful work in progress with so many answers within just waiting to be discovered.  

It's empowering to see your self…

With all the distractions of life, sometimes just seeing ourselves is the simplest and most profound gift of all.

If you have feedback from your THIS IS ME journaling, I would love to hear from you. Please share what you learned about yourself, and how writing it down has made you see yourself more clearly.

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