Celebrating Small Wins for Self-Care (Free Download)

It’s hard to stay focused during the day.

Lots of of distractions to sway our attention.

I like to meditate, journal, and get in some exercise early to fuel my fire. Routine is important to me.

It has taken me years to know what works best for me and I’m constantly tweaking things.

To maintain my routine, or change it, I use my Daily Tracker.

I have found that tracking things each helps me to become more accountable to myself and gives me that bird’s eye view of my self-care. For example, recently I added a new ritual to my morning routine, oil pulling. So, for one week, I tracked my progress to help build some momentum and see how it made me feel. One week of tracking might be all I need to make it a habit, but sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks, or maybe I just realize it’s not adding much to my day so I skip it.

I also come back to this tracker when I feel like I’m falling off track. For example, I like to meditate each morning, but if I miss a few days, I might fall off for even longer—so I’ll start tracking my practice each day to be more intentional.

I use this Daily Tracker to write down all the rituals and habits that make me feel good and stay focused.

When I do something (like exercise or take my vitamins), I put a check mark next to it I can look back at the end of the week and either feel really good about what I’ve committed to each day, or to get a reality check if I’m not doing it.

Discipline can feel rigid and hard. It’s about self-control. Self-acknowledgment feels more gracious.

Give yourself credit for small wins.

Self-care is about wanting to do something good for your body and not beating yourself up when you don’t.

Checking off makes you feel good about yourself, so you’re more likely to do something positive in the future.

I love putting a check mark in the box every time I do something!

Every little thought, each minuscule action is leading you to love yourself more. It’s a domino effect.

Give yourself credit.

Download my Daily Tracker here to help you incorporate good self-care habits into your day!

Tracey MillerComment