What Are You Telling Yourself?

I have a friend who lost both her parents before 10th grade. She ended up starting a camp for young children who lost their parents to help them heal. This camp is life changing because it gives children an opportunity to tell their story, to let out what they've been holding in as they grieve. It helps them find the words to express what sometimes seems impossible.

My friend told me "every time you tell your story you heal."

We all have our own self-care story.

It's more than about what we eat, or how much we exercise.

It's the narrative in our head that drives our life. It drives how we treat our bodies.

Maybe it says that you don't have the right body type to exercise.

Maybe the storyline is that you're fat and that's just that.

Maybe its judging others out of fear that you're not perfect.

Maybe it's what drives your uncontrollable cravings.

When we can better understand ourselves, we take back control.

Then we get to choose. We’re not being driven by some latent, deep, hidden, limiting belief or fear that has locked us into habits and patterns that don’t serve us.

I invite you to awaken to your own story.

THIS IS ME, my woman's self-care journal is an opportunity for you to get clear on that narrative that continues to drive your choices every day whether you realize it or not.

I created this journal so you could write things down in order to become more aware and accountable to yourself, because when you write down your story, it becomes clearer.  

You can’t change what you don’t see. 

As you move through the exercises in this journal, you will create a “dashboard” around your motivations, intentions, and vision for how you want to feel and navigate your life.

It's liberating.

The great thing is - you get to be your own hero - you're the leading lady.

I share my story to help you share yours.

I also give you lots of experiments and ideas to offer up a fresh perspective about what self-care means.

THIS IS ME is ready for you. It's waiting for your to write your own story.

I'm also offering a SELF-CARE Kit which includes a series of videos to guide you through your journal and a private coaching session with me.

Click here for more details to begin your self odyssey.

Enjoy the ride.



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