From the Heart

The famous philosopher Aristotle says, "Happiness depends on ourselves."

Our health is the foundation of our happiness. If we feel good and vibrant, life is easier. If we are exhausted and cranky, how can we feel happy?

But I realize, the choices we make to support our health can be heavily influenced by others.

Maybe your partner doesn't like exercise, so you don't.

Or, maybe your family doesn't eat so healthy, so you end up eating what they eat, because it’s just easier.

Or maybe you follow the crowd because you feel peer pressure to fit it and you don't want to stand out by saying no to the piece of cake, or glass of wine, when everyone is saying yes.

Or maybe your colleague keeps filling up that damn candy dish outside your office door that you just can't resist!

The latin meaning for courage means heart. Courage comes from the heart.

Courage continues to be a big part of my journey whether I'm with my family who don't understand or appreciate my choices, or my friends, or even my husband. But they don't know how my body feels, so I have to stick up for it every day.

As you ponder your new year's resolutions, please add a big dose of courage to your list of resolutions because choosing what’s best for you sometimes means you have to go against the tide.

Get clear on how you want to feel and what it will take to get you there. Feed your inner-critic with love and fearlessness and always remember you're worth it! I love this poem....

Dare To Self-Care 

Speak kindly to your inner self,

Don’t take your demons’ view.

You are you, and no-one else

Will lead the life you do.

Kill your inner critic

And silence all his chatter.

Then write this truth inside your brain;

“I’m worth it & I matter.”

Ms Moem

Only You are You! Make your own big beautiful plan for loving you even more this year and be bold about your self-care. Creating your own instruction manual for your life!


Tracey Miller