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Tracey Miller is an author, health coach, speaker, and yoga instructor who helps women love their bodies

from the inside out.

Tracey has been featured on WMUR’s New Hampshire Chronicle, the Portsmouth Herald and Edible Magazine. Her mission is to help women be more mindful about what they eat, how they move, think and play and feel.

She has worked with more than 1,000 women in her “real food” programs as a mentor, innovator, and educator. She lives in the seacoast of New Hampshire with her husband and daughter. She has taught hundreds of events including cooking classes, corporate seminars, retreats, yoga classes, farm-to-table dinners seminars, field trips, nutrition and wellness classes.

Before becoming a health coach, Tracey spent 12 years working in international development for the World Bank in Washington, DC and has more than 25 years of experience in communications in the health and environment fields. She has traveled to 40 countries and has a passion for expanding her horizons through food, photography and understanding other cultures.

She has been an entrepreneur for 10 years and lives in the seacoast of New Hampshire with her husband and daughter. She wants to replace the outdated form of health care, with a more a vibrant, committed form of Self-care.

My Story…

We all have one.

I share my story in THIS IS ME, to help you put your story into words, because we are different, but the same.  We all struggle with putting ourselves first and loving ourselves from the inside out, instead of the typical, outside in.

As I wrote my story, I took an even deeper look at all the things that I’ve had hidden in myself, and are at the root of all my beliefs about how I take care for my body and how I am now teaching my daughter. It was through this process, I realized that for many years because of my history of losing my mother at an early age, I lived with the fear of what could go wrong with my body, rather embracing all the things that could go right.

It was as if I was waiting for a bomb to drop.

When I started tuning into my body, I felt more empowered and more in control of my life.

I’ve learned that small shifts to improve our health come when we do the work to understand ourselves and find those parts of our story that are so entrenched in us, that we don’t realize they are making choices for us. When we better understand ourselves, we take back control, and we get to choose.  We’re not being driven by some latent, deep hidden limiting belief or fear that locks us into habits and patterns that don’t serve us.

My hope for you is that you love and understand your body, listen to it, and have a vision for your health and how you want to feel.

It takes work to get clear on your own story and what drives your choices each day. It takes more than kale, it takes courage and commitment.

When you write your story down it is revealed. It becomes real.

Much Love,


Photos by Vicki Pfeifer: www.vickipphoto.com